Ridgefield representatives participate in town hall

RIDGEFIELD — State Sen. Will Haskel, D-Westport, and state Reps. Aimee Berger-Girvalo, D-Ridgefield, and Kenneth Gucker, D-Danbury, spoke Sept, 8 at a town hall hosted by the Ridgefield Library.

They discussed the bipartisan state budget, which for the first time in 75 years puts $63 million toward Connecticut’s unfunded pension liability, supporting health care providers, clean slate “second chance” legislation, COVID relief for small businesses, transportation improvements and more.

A question and answer session followed with input from the roughly 50-person audience. Attendees raised concerns about Gov. Ned Lamont’s executive order authority as it pertains to COVID response, the eviction moratorium and rising health insurance premiums.

The panel also responded to vaccine misinformation claims from several questioners regarding its safety and effectiveness and push back against testing and mask requirements by private businesses. National issues were discussed, including Texas’ new abortion law.