Ridgefield registrar: About 20% of town has voted

About 20% of Ridgefield voters had cast ballots by the middle of the afternoon on Election Day, today, Nov. 5.

“It’s going well,” Democratic Registrar of Voters Cindy Bruno said. “It’s been a pretty brisk turnout since we opened.”

At 1:40 in the afternoon, 3,366 voters had cast ballots using the optical scanning machines in the three district polling places. Combined with the 438 voters who had cast absentee ballots in the days before the election, that’s a total of 3,804 — just over 20% of 18,598 registered voters in Ridgefield going into the election.

That’s actually a sizable chunk of the likely voters, as turn-out in municipal election years had recently ranged from 24% in 2013 to 29% in 2011 and 2017.

Voter turnout in presidential election years is much higher — usually about 82% to 84%, Bruno said.

At 1:40, more people had voted at District One (East Ridge) with 1,276 ballots cast than at District Two (Scotts Ridge) 1,131 and District Three (Yanity) with 959.

The three districts cause a certain amount of confusion on Election Day.

“Most of our calls are people asking where they vote,” Bruno said. “That’s been most of our day.”

Bruno and Republican Registrar Wayne Floegel oversee the voting, but they get plenty of help with the operation. Some 54 people are working as part-timers this election — “a combination of half and full day,” Bruno said.

The polls opened at 6 a.m. and all three polling places will remain open until 8 p.m.

People need to bring identification.

“At polling places, you have to have ID,” Bruno told The Press last week. “it has to include two of four things — your name, address, signature, picture. And something needs to have at least two of them, at minimum. Your license has all four. A credit card will have your name and your signature. A student ID with a picture and a name is sufficient.”

Bruno said voting in town appeared to be going well at mid-afternoon.

“It’s actually been pretty smooth,” she said.