Three veteran contributors to the Commission on Aging’s work — longtime chairwoman Christine Robertson and members Katherine Brennan and Mary Ann O’Grady — have been honored by Board of Selectmen.

“We’re here to honor three people and their years of service to the community,” First Selectman Rudy Marconi said.

Christine Robertson — recognized by many in town over the years for her charming Scottish accent — was honored with a proclamation “in recognition of her status as the chairperson for the Commission on Aging, the author of Senior Scene and a longtime volunteer at the RVNA.”

The proclamation said Robertson “exemplifies the heart of Ridgefield in her determination as chairperson of the Commission on Aging to provide a lovely and quaint retirement for the senior citizens of this town.”

It called her authorship of the Senior Scene column in The Ridgefield Press over many years “an invaluable service to the Town of Ridgefield and its people with pertinent information crossing multiple categories.”

And the proclamation on Robertson concluded by saying First Selectman Rudy Marconi “would like to honor and thank her for her many efforts which have earned her the admiration of countless people within our community and beyond for her kindness, dedication and good will.”

Katherine Brennan was honored with a proclamation recognizing her as “a longtime member of the Commission on Aging who has championed countless services and programs for the senior citizens of this town.”

It added, “The most noteworthy accomplishment for Katherine has been her lifelong nursing career, volunteering for the RVNA and even helping provide flu vaccinations among various other services.

“This town could never forget the lovely lady who gives up her time of Rides for Ridgefield and other organizations alike. Her example of service and kindness is a fine example for us all to follow.”

Mary Ann O’Grady was honored as “a longtime member of the Commission on Aging facilitating countless invaluable programs and services to the senior citizens of the Town of Ridgefield.

“Mary Ann’s lifetime career as a nurse, someone who lives to better the lives of others, shows her selflessness and generosity for others … As the Stephen ministry leader for St. Mary Parish, she has helped many people heal form physical and emotional wounds through faith in addition to giving her time at Hancock Hall/Filosa,” the proclamation says.

“The Town of Ridgefield may forever be in her debt for the service and love she has brought to this town.”

The ceremony honoring three women took place at the Board of Selectmen’s Sept. 18 meeting.