Ridgefield property transfers: July 27-Aug. 7

property transfers

property transfers

Darien Times

The following 49 properties sold for a total of $30,244,588 in deeds filed with Town Clerk Wendy Lionetti from July 27 to Aug. 7.

1 Old Oscaleta Road: Katherine Golden to Matthew Peckham and Vanessa Odenbach, $1,012,500.

39 North Valley Road: Adam and Jenifer Johnson to Jennifer Cohen and Michelli Vieira, $557,000.

9 Kendra Court: Daniel and Brenda Berta to Andrew Homan and Cristina Bautista, $1,537,500.

19 Mimosa Place: James and Judith Vigar to Jay and Mara Levinson, $595,000.

15 Bryon Avenue: Christina and Nicholas Gambardella to Joseph and Denisemarie Schimenti, $1,350,000.

85 Mamanasco Road: John and Joanne Manganiello to Mark Brown, $559,500.

67 Ivy Hill Road: John and Lauren McGeary to Donald Pogany and Nan Xu, $560,000.

63 Poplar Road: Lysa Smart to Steven Smart, $26,000.

15 Cattle Pen Lane: Richard and Margaret Inserra to Hossein Khalili and Nasrin Morovaty, $745,000.

123 Seth Low Mountain Road: Louis and Lucy DiLisio to James Jannace and Hannah Cacciato, $500,000.

20 Mulberry Street: Bank of America to Susan Farley, $302,820.

12 Olcott Way: Anastasia Song and Susan Flanagan to Dariusz and Nohelia Kotarowski, $273,200.

8 Taylor Court: John and Jenelyn Bennett to Dale Broccoli and Brittany Cohan, $655,000.

233 Danbury Road Unit A206: CGP at Danbury Road LLC to Joann DeBlasis, $457,452.

233 Danbury Road Unit A205: CGP at Danbury Road LLC to Judy Neustadter, $434,496.

45 Lee Road: David and Jessica Wilson to Joseph Shapiro, $694,250.

18 Hull Place: Richard and Mary Smith to Harold Weis and Melissa Bonsall, $855,000.

31 Rolling Hills Road: William and Jennifer Mines to David and Jessica Wilson, $850,000.

6 Quincy Close and Garage Unit G-35: Vincent Doria to Kelly Maar, $272,500.

50 Mead Ridge Road: Eugene Feygin and Gita Blitshteyn to George and Filomena Pace, $557,500.

361 Danbury Road: John and Jeffrey Goodyear (agent) to Alexander Schmidt and Kelly Balkun, $370,000.

48 Olcott Way: William and Ann O’Brien to Paul Hessler and Nicole Gaudet, $162,000.

57 Benson Road: Brian and Jaclyn Hyla to Lea Garraffa, $464,000.

233 Danbury Road Unit A105: CGP at Danbury Road LLC to Kathryn Scott, $162,876.

15 North Salem Road: Olivier and Sally Alexandroff to Michael and Caitlin Schmidt, $585,000.

146 Remington Road: Helynn Broder to Peter and Melanie Morrice, $905,000.

8 Washington Avenue: Joann DeBlasis to Michael McGuirk and Amanda Gabbard-McGuirk, $590,000.

261 Great Hill Road: Shimon Lustig and Patrick Walsh (agent) to Alexis Dambrosio and Ryan Kardian, $427,000.

19 Black Pine Ridge: Ashlar Historic-Restoration LLC to Helynn Broder, $1,128,621.

29 Old Sib Road: Peter and Sheila Hoyt to Kaitlyn Maier, $388,500.

51 Blackman Road: Kelly and Anthony Molloy to Anthony Mungioli and Laura Reigada, $825,000.

100 Grandview Drive: Sharon Klotz and Wayne Labar to John and Maria McHugh, $475,000.

139 Seth Low Mountain Road: Lauren and James Salkin to Anthony and Laura Simpson, $568,000.

260 Old Stagecoach Road: Lawrence Fauquier to Johanna and Freddy Erazo, $565,000.

54 Riverside Drive: Estate of Ruth Sell to Casey Dinkins and Brianna Paul, $349,000.

6 Orange Lane: Robert Ray to Kevin and Robin McNellis, $180,000.

217 Keeler Drive: Jason and Carie Padgett to James and Cathleen Curtin, $$835,000.

233 Danbury Road Unit A201: CGP at Danbury Road LLC to Laurie Saracini, $334,507.

690 Ridgebury Road: Alison Mosca and Robert Gay to Ricardo Gonzalez, $800,000.

69 South Salem Road: Zachary and Aubre Weber to Flavio Paparella and Andrea Fabris, $1,000,000.

108 Olcott Way: James Strum and Audrey Terry to Peter Guglielmo, $289,000.

38 Peaceable Street: Bruce and Diane Ritter to Christopher and Jennifer Victor-Dephino, $1,750,000.

44 Jeffro Drive: Rahul and Aditi Vaidya to Gregory and Stephanie Pettinato, $965,000.

31 Tanglewood Court: William Guest and Emily Ricca to Robert and Caitlin Elliott, $790,000.

233 Danbury Road Unit A103: CGP at Danbury Road LLC to Suzanne Caffuzzi, $464,397.

7 Schoolhouse Place: James and Jane Bucher to Thomas and Kara Agostino, $825,000.

233 Danbury Road Unit A210: CGP at Danbury Road LLC to Frances Hall, $216,469.

23 Lantern Drive: Timothy and Deborah Gardner to Michael and Nicole Rubino, $600,000.

1 Sylvan Drive: George and Filomena Pace to Joshua Hall, $435,000.