Ridgefield property transfers: July 23-31

Eighteen homes worth a total of $12,984,500 changed hands in deeds filed with Town Clerk Barbara Serfilippi July 23-31, with $30,523 in conveyance taxes collected. Transfers included:

11 Acorn Place: Mark and Sarah Blandford to Matthew Leonard and Annmarie Smith, July 18, $750,000.

214 High Ridge Avenue: 214 High Ridge Associates LLC of Greenwich to Nicolas Carcelen and Cameron Cole-Carcelen of High Ridge Avenue, July 24, $675,000.

43 Twin Ridge Road: John and Janet Salciccioli to Thomas and Andrea McCann, July 24, $860,000.

105 Scodon Drive: Christopher and Mary Conte to Joseph Rahtelli II and Kaitlyn Van Ake of July 24, $650,000.

14 Stonewall Lane: Robert and Peggy Lamneck of Stonewall Lane to Sean Christopher Smith and Amanda Turner of Stamford, July 25, $1,025,000.

16 Rowland Lane: Sturges Brothers Inc of Bailey Avenue to Tammy Gartner, July 25, $640,000.

75 Soundview Road: Gregory and Patricia Ackley to Ryan Kaupelis and Jennifer Meyers, July 26, $645,000.

52 Mimosa Circle: Robert Jackson and Elizabeth Clark to Scott and Meredith Clark of Greenwich, July 26, $590,000.

262 Keeler Drive: BRS LLC. to Anthony and Janine Carboni, July 27, $775,000.

64 Holmes Road: Michael and Carlyn Bergman to Gelin Lei and Jian Luo of Olcott Way. July 27, $815,000.

131 Ramapoo Road: Jonathan and Katherine Garand to Dzmitry Zhykh and Veranika Hyrn, July 28, $385,000.

17 Mimosa Court: Patrick and Jacqueline Becke Deane to Robert and Elizabeth Clarke-Jackson of Mimosa Court, July 28, $700,000.

74 Whipstick Road: Hope Gaisser Trust to Matthew and Katherine Schardt of Silver Spring Road, July 31, $885,000.

70 Norrans Ridge Drive: George and Beverly Novy to Livea James Pellissery and Nevil John Pozholiparambil of Stamford, July 31, $1,325,000.

38 Stony Hill Road: Terrence and Geraldine Shay to Maximilian Capshaw and Roisin Orourke, July 31, $499,500.

14 Woodchuck Lane: Stephen Cavazuti and Ann McCarthy to Matthew and Brittany Coogan, July 31, $675,000.

22 North Salem Road: Michael and Lara Darcy of Dublin, Ireland, to John Pollard and Leslie Bernstein., July 31, $535,000.

635 North Salem Road: John Hartcorn of Danbury to Mary Keller, July 31, $530,000.