Ridgefield property transfers: July 14-20

Twenty-eight properties worth a total of $18,854,271 changed hands in deeds filed with Town Clerk Wendy Lionetti from July 14 through July 20.

46 Blacksmith Ridge Road: John and Mary Davidson to Bridgette Riley, $720,000.

351 Bennetts Farm Road: Cordero Properties to Eric, William and Janet Vollmer and Tara Kerr, $627,500.

27 Cooper Hill Road: Jens and Jennifer Plassmeier to Phillip Besoiu, $645,000.

346 Bennetts Farm Road: Kenneth and Linda Treschitta to Colin and Karin Ahyoung, $465,000.

30 Silver Spring Road: Joseph Motta to Sean and Elizabeth Hartofilis, $640,000.

69 Indian Cave Road: Gordon and Kristin Johanson to Evan and Rosanna Maxwell, $744,000.

638 Danbury Road Unit 25: Steven and Carol Hosdale to Edward and Mary Federman, $680,000.

233 Danbury Road Unit A207: CGP at Danbury LLC to Alessandra Caffuzzi, $132,638.

156 Main Street: Thomas Cowan to Michael and Patrice Lordi, $755,000.

36 Cross Hill Road: Peter Gliatis to Amanda Ciccatelli, $360,000.

24 Beechwood Lane: Berge and Lisa Melkonian to Alexander Cyr and Kelly Sweeney, $699,000.

173 High Ridge Avenue: RJR Builders LLC to Kim Ruska and Steven Warshawsky, $835,000.

36 Bobbys Court: David and Margaret Ceponis to Robert and Jennifer Rieger, $750,000.

647 North Salem Road: Mary Keller to Michael Brooker, $585,000.

14 Summit Lane: Jessica and Patrick Santangelo to Alyson and Maksim Iolin, $570,000.

19 Neds Lane: Suzanne Steinberg to Daniel Dewoskin and Rebecca Cao, $825,000.

81 Silver Hill Road: Timothy and Nicole Connors to Vincent Batyr and Monika Phoeng-Batyr, $1,199,000.

233 Danbury Road Unit A301: CGP at Danbury LLC to Donald and Mary Jane Kelemen, $372,133.

42 Wilridge Road: Rachel Parker and Michael Cernak to Laura Freed, $375,000.

1 Highview Drive: Kenneth and Hsui-Lin Winkler to Rachel Parker and Michael Cernak, $505,000.

30 Canterbury Lane: Stuart and Christina Millar to Lisa Shalett and Rhonda Kaufman, $517,000.

20 Adams Road: David Tatge and Jennifer Mathy to Daniel and Brenda Berta, $755,000.

194 Old West Mountain Road: Harold and Heidi Rosenholtz to Amy and John Gall, $877,000.

77 Ledges Road: Joseph and Barbara Devivo to Brien and Kimberly Wasniak, $775,000.

9 Bryon Avenue: Jill and Clive Standish to Nathan and Jennifer Carpenter, $1,665,000.

70 Donnelly Drive: Michael and Virginia Rockwood to Darko and Joan Todorov, $500,000.

34 Sugar Loaf Mountain Road: Vincent Batyr and Monika Phoeng-Batyr to Matthew and Alessandra Stec, $649,000.

88 Bogus Road: Nancy Stein to Tim Dwyer and Carley Caldas, $632,000.