Ridgefield property transfers: Aug. 10-21

Twelve properties worth a total of more than $5 million recently changed hands in deeds filed with RidgefieldTown Clerk Wendy Lionetti from April 12-16.

Twelve properties worth a total of more than $5 million recently changed hands in deeds filed with RidgefieldTown Clerk Wendy Lionetti from April 12-16.

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Forty-nine properties worth a total of $30,767,491.27 changed hands in deeds filed with Town Clerk Wendy Lionetti from Aug. 10 to Aug. 21, 2020.

218 Minuteman Road: John and Eileen Wilson to Daryl Steiger and Michael Pogran, $835,000.

9 Lookout Drive: Paul and Katherine Fitzpatrick to Thomas and Celia Honan, $478,500.

134 Nod Road: Kenneth and Patricia Gaglione to Gregory Lyons, $1,600,000.

80 South Olmstead Lane: Jerrold and Kerstin Jonas to Benjamin and Sara Loht, $669,000.

155 Chestnut Hill Road: Norman Balmer to Karen Balmer, $410,000.

4 Cypress Lane Unit 4: Patricia Drew to Ronald and Beth Aronstam, $229,000.

12 Wooster Street: Scott and Carolyn Mathis to Lauren Hanley and Richard Phillips, $575,000.

525 Bennetts Farm Road: Louis Duin to Ross Greenberg, $483,000.

312 West Lane: Michael Simpson and Annetta Hewko to Jason and Christina Rubin, $950,000.

11 New Street: Deborah Atkins to Colin Abernathy and Stella Aslanyan, $825,000.

12 Mulvaney Court: William and Judith Lynch to James and Kelsey Turcotte, $899,000.

120 Prospect Street #62: Cynthia Vaughn, Janice Lux and Nancy Hunter to John and Eileen Wilson, $429,000.

1 Craigmoor Road South: Friends of the Garden of Ideas, Inc. to Dean Williams, $10,000.

209 Mamanasco Road: Union Savings Bank to Steven and Lynn Smith, $140,527.

75 Wilton Road East: Carl and Laura Schmidt to Deborah Atkins, $450,000.

233 Danbury Road Unit A102: CGP at Danbury Road LLC to Brian and Toni Franz, $449,423.

Coach Homes at Ridgefield Condominium Unit A106: CGP at Danbury Road LLC to Tyvannah Investments LLC, $433,011.

34 Christopher Road: Judith Stoner to Peter Giles, $625,000.

75 Chestnut Hill Road: Christopher and Danica Daly to Bruce and Gayle Cameron, $770,000.

11 Cedar Lane: Frank and Lorna Colarusso to William and Christina Tap, $970,000.

61 Topstone Road: Brendan Kenny and Noelle Kenny to Harvey and Olga Chin, $715,000.

89 Donnelly Drive: ONR LLC to Justin and Anna Kroesser, $600,000.

21 Cobblers Lane: James and Elizabeth McMahon to Erin White and Nicholas Criscuolo, $575,000.

12 Casa Torch Lane: Gregory Lyons to Benedict and Lisa Miraglia, $1,565,000.

41 Fieldcrest Drive: Julie Pinard to Brian and Jennifer Leighton, $630,000.

87 Riverside Drive: Arthur and Ellen Becker to Kerri and Peter Calderone, $482,500.

17 Fire Hill Road: Jamie Lynn to Juan Jaramillo, $433,000.

88 Armand Road: Christopher Svendsen and Donna Lomenzo to Michael and Dawn Lyons, $1,195,00.

169 New Road: Jan and Carol Rifkinson to Deone Matichak, $817,500.

3 Forest Lane: Kerry Marino to Thomas Bueti, $228,000.

107 Flat Rock Drive: Federico Sidero to Dara and Kara Hoey, $556,200.

263 North Street: Loriann and Jonathan Ouellette to Kathryn and Christoph Juchem, $835,000.

28 Great Hill Road: CV Building Concepts to Meghan Palmiotto, $264,108.

80 Ashbee Lane: Anthony and Francine Chianese to Holly and Michael Crocco, $419,500.

97 Holmes Road: Murray and Elinor Darvick to Richard and Lisa Oths, $715,000.

233 Danbury Road Unit A101: CGP at Danbury Road LLC to Janice Restler, $146,022.

46 Todds Road: Robert and Jane Strigler to Benjamin and Shalla Mosner, $585,000.

903 North Salem Road: Cynthia Corn to Jay and Mara Levinson, $639,200.

29 Silver Spring Road: Daniel and Susan Surette to Michael and Allison Marcarello, $636,000.

66 Grove Street Unit A-6: Shaun Morris to Donna Lomenzo, $575,000.

12 Pelham Lane: Estate of Pamela Morganti to Scott and Trinia Mitchell, $840,000.

9 Pound Street: Estate of Marion Freer to Stephanie Fagan, $359,000.

28 Aarons Court: Timothy Near to Eugene and Jaclyn Travers, $780,000.

5 Doubleday Lane: Jose and Brittney Aleman to Elizabeth and Benjamin Lee, $685,000.

5 Titus Place: Giustino Capodilupo to Jeffrey and Ashley Roberts, $655,000.

64B Pelham Lane: Brett and Amy Goodwin to Alicia Baughn, $849,000.

635 North Salem Road: Mary Keller to Joseph Keller and Ilsa Svendsen, $530,000.

135 Mamanasco Road: Priscilla Lightcap to Robert McNamara, $350,000.

500 Main Street Unit 2: David and Lisa Smith to Helena Hernmarck, $870,000.