Ridgefield police limiting contact over coronavirus

Photo of Peter Yankowski

RIDGEFIELD — The town police department said officers will be maintaining their distance from members of the public during calls, and are suspending fingerprinting and child seat services for the time being.

The move follows steps adopted by the state police Tuesday evening, who said they would be suspending fingerprinting services for residents because of the close contact it requires.

“The types of complaints that our officers will take over the phone are those that do not require an officer to be present,” police officials said on the department Facebook page Wednesday.

If an officer does have to go out to meet with someone, “they will keep a safe distance away from the public as recommended from the CDC,” police said.

“This is not our normal response, but the safest recommended approach,” police said.

In the event of an emergency, people are asked to dial 911 the same way they normally would.

The department has also suspended their unwanted medication disposal until further notice.