Ridgefield plans for family dinner celebration

Family dinners will be celebrated this fall and winter in Ridgefield.

Family dinners will be celebrated this fall and winter in Ridgefield.

Gabrielle Lurie / The Chronicle

Ridgefield is celebrating its families throughout the year.

Family Facetime is a family dinner project with a mission to encourage families to unplug from technology and connect with family over dinner.

The first dinner is Wednesday, Sept. 25, and interested participants can register at Ridgefield Parks and Recreation.

The goal of the project is to encourage regular family dinners which have been shown to significantly improve children’s vocabulary, resilience, and self-esteem while decreasing their likelihood of eating disorders, substance abuse, and other risky behaviors.

Families who participate will get a healthy, discounted dinner for 4 and a family game for $30.

The Family Facetime project wants to make it easy for parents to develop the family dinner habit.

Each households gets a basket for everyone’s devices so you can have a fun, technology-free night.

Other dinner nights include: October 23, November 20, and January.

Participating restaurants are Genoa Deli, Millio Farms, Parma Market, and Southwest Cafe.

The project’s sponsors are The Goldstone Family Foundation, Insight Counseling, and Ridgefield Parks & Recreation

For details, visit familyfacetime.org.