Ridgefield medics help mom, newborn after home birth

Ridgefield’s newest resident was born around 5:30 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 9.

First responders from both the town’s police and fire departments responded to a call of “possible baby birth” at a home in the village.

Ridgefield Fire Chief Jerry Myers confirmed that the child had been delivered before paramedics arrived at the scene.

“When you have a field delivery or — in this case — a home delivery, there are a lot of tasks and a limited time to complete them in,” Myers explained. “... A lot of people have a plan in place so an emergency delivery is a change in that plan and we have to help them react to that situation.”

Myers said that one ambulance and one engine were dispatched to the home, which he said was located in “the center of town.”

“The more guys you can send, the better it is for everyone at the scene,” Myers said. “These types of calls crank up the anxiety because it’s an unplanned situation. ... We have a couple of guys designated to help mom, we have guys making sure that the baby is OK and we’re just working to get them ready for transportation to the hospital. Making sure they’re comfortable and they have everything they need.”

A police dispatcher said the newborn was a baby boy, but Myers said he didn’t want to reveal the gender of the baby, citing HIPAA privacy rules.

“We average about one a year,” said Myers about emergency deliveries. “I’ve always said that it’s going to happen if we want it to or not. It’s the natural way of life. Sometimes births are unexpected. Our job is always to make sure things are going well and to be there in case they don’t. That’s why we send extra men. You can never be too prepared for something like this.”