Eighteen properties worth a total of $16,123,001 changed hands in deeds filed with Ridgefield Town Clerk Wendy Lionetti from Nov. 9 to Nov. 13.

141 Nod Road: Charles D. Safford aka Charles Dennison Safford aka Barbara B. Safford aka Barbara Burch Safford aka Susan Norris Safford, Attorney In Fact, to Kathleen Hartford and Daniel Coleman, $1,000,001.

21 Armand Road: Kenneth R. Grabowski and Helaine Fielder to Darren Paul Kelly and Catherine Ann Kelly, $845,000.

66 Grove Street, Unit B-13: Kevin W. Lake and Erica F. Lake to Shannon Wargo, $540,000.

132 Ramapoo Road: Gordon B. Tayloe III and Margaret S. Tayloe to Caroline E. Kelly and Christopher P. Skelton, $480,000.

38 Minuteman Road: Estate of Stanley E. Bator Jr. aka Estate of Stanley E. Bator aka Estate of Anne S. Bator, to 38 Minuteman Road LLC, $475,000.

177 Wilton Road West: Nancy J. Boersma and Rex E. Gustafson, Attorney In Fact, to Kate Hill, $295,000.

60 Holmes Road: Kenneth T. Sandberg and Laurie M. Sandberg to Adam Amin and Ariana Amin, $669,000.

110 Old Branchville Road: Lisbeth B. Dull and William A. Harrison, Attorney In Fact, to Colin Andrew Nichols (trust), Lesley Isabelle Duluppe Nichols (trust), Colin Andrew Nichols Revocable Trust and Lesley Isabelle Duluppe Nichols Revocable Trust, $1,365,000.

279 North Street: Robert F. Coon and Fei Shen to Michael Ruff and Anna Maria Ruff, $1,100,000.

51 Shadow Lane: Morten Sogaard and Chung Hyun Lee-Soggard to Rachel S. Lieberman and Steven R. Berney, $1,200,000.

48 East Ridge Road: Beth Simon to William J. Smith and Jennifer L. Smith, $2,300,000.

190 Nod Road: Paurl Amenta and Lyndsy Amenta to Devon Pettitt, Sarah Pettitt and Virginia Seccombe, $1,595,000.

638 Danbury Road, Unit 45: Douglas E. Barden, Roslyn Kafel Barden and Dana Shay Ipri, Attorney In Fact, to Roger Scott and Anne Scott, $690,000.

27 Hickory Lane: Denis C. Carey and Lisa B. Carey to Tiffany E. Gallo, $1,060,000.

24 Wooster Heights Drive: John J. Shenko and Susan C. Shenko to Brian Ostaszewski and Denni Tookmanian, $620,000.

6 Powder Horn Drive: Monica Z. Brown-Ramos (trust), Gladys I. Ramos Irrevocable Trust UTA Dated July 31, 2019, to Brian McDonough and Daria McDonough, $730,000.

15 Still Hollow Place: James Suslavich and Lillian Suslavich to Alice Rob Podore, $975,000.

3 Apple Lane: Pamela Kart and Rex E. Gustafson, Attorney In Fact, to Angela Joachim, $184,900.