Ridgefield golf course opens, with restrictions

A masked golfer on the first tee Tuesday, when Ridgefield’s golf course reopened.

A masked golfer on the first tee Tuesday, when Ridgefield’s golf course reopened.

Macklin Reid / Hearst Connecticut Media

Small white balls are again being blasted into blue Ridgebury skies, to land in fields of green.

Golf is back.

The Ridgefiled Golf Course reopened this week, with masked golfers visible around the clubhouse Tuesday, after a rainy Monday.

Golfers must practice social distancing, are only allowed out in “twosomes,” carts cannot be used, and players must make reservations in advance.

An announcement in one of the town office of emergency management releases said: “Please go to: www.ridgefieldgc.com for details and to make online reservations. Plan to pay with a credit card. Play will be in twosomes, there will be no carts or sharing of equipment and players are required to wear face coverings.”

Golf professional Frank Sergiovanni was busy with the opening Tuesday and said he didn’t have time to talk.

But town Golf Committee Chairman Ed Tyrrell discussed the planned opening — or, more accurately, reopening — in an email exchange with The Press late last week.

“The course opened on March 12, the earliest ever,” Tyrrell said. “ On Saturday, March 21, we came to realize that proper social distancing was not working and the risks to golf course staff and the golfers was too great. We closed.

“It is now six weeks later. We believe social distancing is now ingrained in Ridgefield, as well as wearing face coverings,” Tyrrell said. “We believe that if we open on Monday very slowly, putting our toes in the water, so to speak, we can create a safe environment for the golfers and the staff.

“We will allow only twosomes this week, no carts, everyone wearing a face covering until they are on the first tee, only credit card transactions where the staff touches neither the golfer’s permit or credit card, the pro shop closed, Odeen’s open only for takeout, and everyone will be told to leave the premises immediately after playing.

“We will closely monitor the golfers to ensure they follow our protocols,” he said.