Economic commission buys ‘’

The Economic and Community Development Commission (ECDC) has purchased the domain name “” and the related URL — a nice match to go with the town’s existing website address of

The $3,000 purchase was executed in late December, with the ECDC buying the URL from a broker who had it on the market.

With and the new the town now owns two of the most obvious web addresses for Ridgefield, Connecticut.

The new website — — is to be filled with the EDCD website’s content, which is aimed at attracting people to the town’s many arts and cultural and business destinations.

The ECDC content is currently available at — a web address a prospective shopper, or a city dweller planning a drive in the country would be unlikely to stumble across.

The town’s long-standing existing website — — is largely dedicated to information about the local town government that would be of interest mostly to Ridgefield citizens, from a public meetings calendar to the hours the trash transfer station accepts garbage drop-off.

The website will continue to serve that function.

The Ridgefield content promoting the town’s arts, culture and shopping will be moved over from the ECDC’s old website to the new address in the early parts of 2020.

“We should have the new url up in the first quarter, same content as current ECDC site,” economic committee Chairman John Devine told The Press.

“Lots of backend work to complete,” he said.

The purchase was made from the ECDC’s $13,000 annual budget, with First Selectman Rudy Marconi’s agreement, Devine said.

“No additional funds were allocated,” Devine said.