Ridgefield business owners deliver turkeys to Salvation And Deliverance Church in Harlem

Four Ridgefield business owners dropped off 260 turkeys in New York City on Tuesday, Nov. 26.

The group consisted of Ezra Zimmerman of EZ Moving, Jason Ferrandino of Ferrandino Enterprises LLC, Dan Spano of GymGuyz of Fairfield County, and Pete Rossini of Rossini Landscaping.

They raised $5,000 together and dropped off 200 turkeys to Salvation and Deliverance Church in Harlem. They dropped the remaining 60 birds outside of a church in Washington Heights.

“We handed out those final 60 birds in less than five minutes,” said Zimmerman. “There was a huge crowd gathered there — easily more than a 100 people around our truck, and unfortunately we ran out pretty quickly.”

Zimmerman credited Ferrandino putting in more than $3,000 to purchase the 12-pound turkeys from a local grocery store.

In addition to the birds, the four business owners took two truckloads of supplies — some that were donated to them by their customers and others that they had bought themselves.

“We had one truckload of donations and another truckload that we purchased ourselves at Walmart on Monday night,” Zimmerman said. “The supplies ranged from everything from toilitries to gloves, socks to baby wipes — anything that can be worn or used at this time of year when things start to get cold.”

In the past, Zimmerman has hosted coat drives and dropped off donations to homeless shelters in Norwalk. He’s also volunteered to shovel sidewalks for local businesses after snowstorms and traveled to Texas to help victims of Hurricane Harvey.

“It’s getting cold out so we’re doing another coat drive that’s running through January 15 but we thought getting the birds was the appropriate thing to do for this week,” Zimmerman said. “A lot of us take it for granted on Thanksgiving but there’s a lot of people out there that are hungry. They’re not as fortunate as we are to have all this delicious food on our tables. It’s important to all of us to give back to the impoverished and make sure we’re doing our part to make their lives a little bit better this time of year.”