Ridgefield author Alex Fischetti attended a Broadway performance of “All My Sons” on June 26 and got to meet one of his idols, Annette Bening.

Fischetti, who published The Lonesome Boy and the Blonde Haired Angel in 2017, was happy to give a signed copy of his story to the Golden Globe-winning actress.

“She’s one of my heroes,” Fischetti told The Ridgefield Press this week.

Fischetti sent in a video clip of his meeting Bening after the show.

“It’s an honor to meet you, I’ve wanted to meet you for so long,” he tells her in the video. “Your work has helped me get through some really troubling times. ... I wanted to give something to you. You’ve been blessing us with your art so I figured I’d bless you with mine ... It’s my honor to give you a copy of this.”

In the video, Bening receives the young author’s gift and thanks him several times.

“She held my book to her heat!” Fischetti said. “Never in a million years did I think this would happen!”

Bening starred in All My Sons with Tony Award-winner Tracy Letts.

She is married to actor Warren Beatty, whom Fischetti interviewed in 2010.

“This was my first time meeting her in person!” Fischetti said.