Ridgefield Thrift Shop to host Vintage Expo

“Everything Old Is New Again” is always true at the Ridgefield Thrift Shop. Grandma’s trash is often a college student’s treasure! We’ve been collecting those “treasures,” and will feature our finds in our next Vintage Expo, starting on Friday, Aug. 23.

Those old LPs? They’ve become trendy again, with teens and young adults listening to the albums on their cool-again record players, or simply using them as funky wall decor. And we’ll have a great selection at our sale. We also have not one, not two, but FOUR vintage typewriters — again, popular again with the younger crowd. Other finds: vintage luggage (pile them up, and make an end table);. beautiful handcrafted quilts; unique antique bottles of every shape and size, again, popular decor for the twenty-somethings.

For the sports enthusiast, we have old wood-shaft golf clubs, a 1950s bowling bag and ball (personalized for “Irene”) complete with green suede shoes, wood badminton racquets, and several old wood sleds. You name it, we have it: antique jewelry, linens, kitchen items, art, vintage toys, lamps, brass pots, and more.

The sale starts Aug. 23 at noon. Follow the Ridgefield Thrift Shop on Facebook and Instagram for updates on this and other special sales.

Diana Arfine