Tucked away in the far corner of the thrift shop is a magical world. It’s one of our more popular departments, and always the first to draw a crowd then the doors open for the day. It’s small, with loads of fun waiting to be discovered. Toyland: Puzzles. Games. Dolls. Cars. And loads of stuffed animals of every shape and size. It’s every child’s dream!

Thankfully, we get an abundance of wonderful toy donations on a daily basis, and are able to keep the area fully stocked. Whether it’s a doll that’s simply been outgrown, or a set of Legos that was never even opened, we get it all, and are happy to share these generous donations with our customers.

We recently watched a dad and his two young sons spend close to an hour in our small toy department. They were studying games, puzzles, blocks, and cars, talking about them, holding them, putting them back. We’re not sure what they talked about, or what they ended up buying at the end of the day. But we do know they were having fun, and that makes us happy.

But it’s not only kids who visit our toyland. Preschool teachers regularly visit, looking for new items to add to their classrooms. Grandparents stock up on toys for a visiting grandchild, and parents select items to keep the kids entertained on yet another snow day! It’s a busy area: fun to stock, fun to watch, and, our customers say, especially fun to shop!

The Ridgefield Thrift Shop is now accepting applications for its 2020 grants. Application forms can be found on the website, ridgefieldthriftshop.com, or picked up at the shop. Deadline is Jan. 31.

Diana Arfine