Ridgefield Thrift Shop offers a variety of books to browse or purchase

The title in the pile of book donations immediately caught my eye: “A Little Look at Bottoms.” Opening it up, I saw adorable pictures accompanied by humorous text: “Bumblebees have buzzy bottoms.” “Elephants have HUGE bottoms.” “Snails have slimy bottoms.” I laughed hard, and shared the pictures with others back in our donation room. It was a fun way to start our work day.

The thrift shop regularly receives wonderful book donations, and we have shelves upon shelves of books for our patrons to browse. Children’s books — many new, or like new! — are put out on low shelves so kids can look too. They are priced to sell, and we often get teachers stockpiling new selections for their classrooms every year.

Adult books are categorized by type: young adult, fiction, gardening, cooking, biographies, self-help, etc. Again, many of these books look like they’ve never even been opened! We have beautiful coffee table books too: National Geographic, Martha Stewart Weddings, and an Ansel Adams photo book are just a few recent examples.

We just added a separate “vintage book” area, as well. These books may not be in pristine condition — some of them date back to the early 1800s! — but they are fascinating to look at, and fun to read. Recent acquisitions include a series of Joseph Conrad books from 1916, some of the always-popular Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books, old children’s “Golden Books,” and a rhyming dictionary from 1936!

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