The Ridgefield Theater Barn is looking to hire some folks to work with kids interested in learning about how to put on theatrical productions.

The Theater Barn, a decades-old community theater group based on Halpin Lane, is seeking people for two part-time, salaried positions: a program director and musical director for its year-round children’s program.

The Ridgefield Theater Barn Kids Program (RTBK) aims to offer children ages 8-18 a chance to explore the theater arts. The opportunity to participate in the program is offered to all children, regardless of experience, disability, or financial constraints. There are no auditions.

And performance is not the only option for children interested in theater. The Theater Barn has opportunities for kids to learn about the technical theatrical arts as well.

All kids in the program are taught that putting on a show means being part of a team.

The Theater Barn said in a press release that the type of candidates it’s looking for to run the young people’s program would be “professional, organized, fun and friendly” with previous experiences in something similar to teaching or working in children’s theater.

More information, including full job descriptions and directions on how to apply, is available at

The Ridgefield Theater Barn is located at 37 Halpin Lane, a town-owned building that it extensively refurbished.