Ridgefield Suzuki School moves to new location

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The Ridgefield Suzuki School —founded in 2016 by Ridgefielder Jessica McNamara — is moving to a new, larger location, following an eventful first year in business.

The school offers violin, viola, cello and piano lessons and group classes to students of all ages, with a particular emphasis on starting young children on an instrument. It also offers a “Meet the Instruments” class, which allows young children the chance to learn about the instruments they will potentially study through an enjoyable curriculum of songs, games and early music literacy.

The school has grown a lot from humble beginnings, according to McNamara.

“I started last school year with just six students but, through word-of-mouth, ended in June with over 40,”  McNamara said. “The town has such a cultured atmosphere and parents are really into what we are doing.”

McNamara formerly operated her school out of Cabbage Patch Nursery School on Farrar Lane.  However, with her school’s exponential growth in enrollment, it was time for a change.  With full parking lots and tight spaces, McNamara decided to look for a more appropriate facility to house her school.

“We are pleased to announce that we will be using the facilities at Ridgefield Academy,” she said.

McNamara ran a before-school enrichment program at Ridgefield Academy that offered an introductory violin course. Its success caused it to run for a second semester and filled up another section of the class.

“I am so happy to be able to bring this program to Ridgefield Academy,” she said. “RA is a wonderful school with a stunning campus, and we are looking forward to using their beautiful spaces.

The culture and vision of Ridgefield Academy lines up perfectly with Ridgefield Suzuki School.  It’s a perfect match,” she said.

Because of the school’s growth, McNamara conducted a national search for an additional teacher and hired a Suzuki specialist coming all the way from New Mexico to join the faculty.

Ridgefield Suzuki School focuses on learning music as one learns a language. Children learn to speak their native language by listening and emulating their parents. They get better at speaking through constant repetition, listening, and parent interaction, all in a loving, nurturing environment. Suzuki’s premise is that music is best learned the same way.

“Contrary to some beliefs, every one of our Suzuki students learn to read music,” she said. In the beginning we allow the child to learn to play their instrument organically — the same way they would learn language. Simultaneously, we teach them to read music, separately from their instrument, using age-appropriate methods and games.

“When the student has a strong foundation in both playing their instrument and reading the music, we merge the two,” McNamara said. “The result is a well-rounded musician who has a fantastic ear, can read music well, and plays with a beautiful tone.”

Ridgefield Suzuki School is now accepting registrations for the fall semester.  Visit RidgefieldSuzukiSchool.com or call 203-403-2667 for more information.