Ridgefield Staying Sane: What are folks doing to cope?

Let’s share stories

Staying sane? How? Share your story.

The Ridgefield Press is inviting Ridgefielders to share their stories, brief accounts of what they and their families are doing to stay safe and sane in the time of coronavirus. Send photos, too!

Stories should be emailed to news@theridgefieldpress.com with “staying sane” in the subject line. Please give us your full name and Ridgefield address, as with a letter to the editor.

Have fun writing them! Thank you.

Take a walk and embrace the beauty

We are blessed to have these scenes in our backyards. Take a walk and embrace the beauty.

I’m the last person who is able to “slow down.” So it was hard for me to finally do this — take a walk.

Yes, I had to be in the mindset. Try to get there. Believe and you’re halfway there. It was awesome.

Lindy Olszewski

23 Green Lane, Ridgefield

April 28