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Staying sane? How? Share your story.

The Ridgefield Press is inviting Ridgefielders to share their stories, brief accounts of what they and their families are doing to stay safe and sane in the time of coronavirus. Send photos, too!

Stories should be emailed to news@theridgefieldpress.com with “staying sane” in the subject line. Please give us your full name and Ridgefield address, as with a letter to the editor.

Have fun writing them! Thank you.

Sketching and painting for meditation

Clarice Shirvell, a Ridgefield artist and founder of local Artist’s Way Study Group, has always turned to sketching for meditation and to practice being present. In this time of self-quarantine, she started a painting a day challenge. The daily paintings and pen sketches are done in a sketchbook which has become a visual diary of the daily events.

Her artwork depicts still life done in a makeshift home studio, family and pets sheltering at home, feelings of isolation, grateful for books and tea, cleaning of closets, plein air hat on the day Weir Farm closed, hiking trails, early open season for fishing, pineapple, which is a symbol of home in New England, food in pantry, signs of spring, and hope.

“Posting my work on Instagram and Facebook daily, helps me let go of perfection, and I enjoy sharing my process,” said Shirvell. “I have not backed away from challenges and am taking on new subject matters and experimenting with new techniques and mediums.”

She is grateful to be able to express herself through art and encourages everyone to create, cook, dance, sing, paint during this time.

Clarice Shirvell

Ridgefield, April 20