Ridgefield Scholarship Group celebrates three retirees

Jo Fainer, long-time president of Ridgefield Scholarship Group, is congratulated by Dimitri at a reception on Aug. 6.

Jo Fainer, long-time president of Ridgefield Scholarship Group, is congratulated by Dimitri at a reception on Aug. 6.

Chris Nolan / Contributed photo

The Ridgefield Scholarship Group has been in existence for 40 years.

The group recently celebrated the long-time leadership of three officers who recently stepped down. At a Aug. 6 reception, President Jo Fainer, Treasurer Linda Maggs, and Secretary Lorraine Duryea were honored for their service.

Each of these individuals have been community leaders in various organizations, and they have played a special part in this organization which selects recipients for scholarship awards to graduating Ridgefield High School students.

“Being involved with Ridgefield Scholarship Group has provided me the opportunity to keep in touch with the younger generation,” Fainer said. “It has been an honor to see the best qualities and maturity of the next generation of leaders.”

The reception was held at Dimitri's and included award winners and their parents, donors, former board members, school personnel and investment advisors as well as current board members in celebration of the mission.

The group currently administers 12 scholarships that are being awarded. Scholarship recipients are selected according to the wishes of the donor--many are need-based, some focus on a specific area of study such as music, business or science, some are tied to athletic achievement, and some on leadership. Ridgefield Scholarship Group is a non-profit 501c3 that administers scholarships that benefit students graduating Ridgefield High School.

Dimitri has been a donor to this non-profit. At the reception he shared his own story of coming to this country and his support of these hardworking students.

All awards are sent directly to the appropriate educational institution for credit to the account of the recipient. Money is not given directly to the student.

The scholarships awarded this June were: Michael Ciarcia Memorial Scholarship, Creagh Scholarship, Frances Demrick Scholarship, Dimitri Athletic Scholarship, Sandy Hoddinott Scholarship, Christopher M. Manno Memorial Scholarship, Michael Meltzer Memorial Art and Music Scholarship, David E. Nichols Memorial Fund, Rena Principi Memorial Scholarship, Robert and Catherine Wilder Fund.

Current officers of Ridgefield Scholarship are: Chris Nolan, president, Joyce Ligi, treasurer and Tim Rappoccio, secretary. Should a resident want to donate funds or a scholarship to this non-profit, please contact Nolan at nolanc68@gmail.com.