Ridgefield Recreational Association’s “Last Day of School” celebration

Children recently rejoiced over the start of 2022 summer season at the PVRA Pleasantview Recreational Association Pool and Tennis Club’s “Last Day of School” celebration on Friday June 24, following school dismissal for the summer.

The festivities began with a donut-on-a-string eating contest. Donuts dangled precariously from strings that were tied to trees in front of the clubhouse.

Competition was fierce as dozens of children lined up to compete for Cold Stone Creamery business gift cards.

To win, children had to be one of the first five contestants to finish eating a donut… without using their hands.

It was a challenging proposition which resulted in endless giggles.

The children then had the opportunity to release their pent-up energy and unleash their inner wild child in an epic girls vs. boys water fight.

There were over 100 water blasters as well as splash balls.

Shrieks of joy and disbelief could be heard as 6-and 12-foot inflatable balls bounced around the “battlefield,” where the event also occurred.

The water fight lasted for close to an hour and finally came to a screeching halt as the sound of ice being crushed resulted in a flash mob of the children at two high-capacity snow cone machines.

Children descended en masse, eager to refuel after their grueling battle.

Children of all ages garnished their own snow cones with syrup flavors including Rockin’ Root Beer, Boppin’ Blue Raspberry, Wacky Watermelon and Looney Lemon Lime, as well as scooped their own snow cones once the lines subsided.

Little children helped even littler ones select just the right combination of colors and flavors for the food activity.

They also experimented with adding sweetened condensed milk to adjust the texture and the flavor.

Children came back for second and third helpings until all 200 pounds of ice were consumed and all syrup bottles were empty.

DJ Raff from Bach to Rock was also at the celebration to keep the party rockin’ with current pop music hits.

He delighted children by honoring their song requests.

After all, the “Last Day of School” celebration was all about the children.

PVRA is located at 48 Powdermaker Drive in the town.