Ridgefield’s municipal election is two weeks away, and residents have been plenty busy voicing their support of candidates running for office.

In fact, Ridgefielders have been so vocal this political season that The Ridgefield Press has accumulated more than 130 endorsement letters over the last four weeks.

With such a high volume of letters and print space limited, the newspaper has decided to cutoff endorsement letter submissions in print effective Tuesday, Oct. 22. Endorsements received after Tuesday will be run as online-only over the next two weeks.

“We have more than 80 political endorsement letters already processed that are scheduled to run over the next two weeks,” said Managing Editor Stephen Coulter on Monday, Oct. 21. “We simply can’t promise residents that we will be able to run their endorsement letters in print by the time of the election.

“This was a decision that we had to make due to the influx of letters this political season,” Coulter added. “The Press has always been able to accommodate endorsements but this year I just don’t see it as a reasonable expectation that everything gets in. We still have to leave some room for the news.”

Candidates seeking to get endorsements in print that haven’t been submitted can publish them as advertisements. Email Laurie Campbell at laurie.campbell@hearstmediact.com.

Email news@theridgefieldpress.com with any questions about this policy change.