The Ridgefield Police Union, which represents the officers of the Ridgefield Police Department, have announced their endorsement of Tom Reynolds for reelection to the Ridgefield Police Commission.

In addition to Reynolds, the union is endorsing Democratic candidate Issy Caporale.

“The officers of the Ridgefield Police Department are pleased to endorse Commissioner Reynolds for another term on the Ridgefield Police Commission,” said Officer Chris Daly, who has been the police union president since 2006. The officers of the Department have come to know Tom very well during the 10 years he has spent as a Commissioner. Tom understands law enforcement and the challenges facing the Police Department in today’s environment. Tom has been a strong voice of support for our officers, and has approached his position as Commissioner with fairness and good judgment.”

Reynolds said he was grateful to Ridgefield officers who are “well-trained individuals who really care for our community.”

“They give up their personal time to sponsor and participate in town events, such as the recent Safety Day, Cops and Cones, and the upcoming Cops and Robbers Race,” he said. “It has been a pleasure to work with the men and women of the Ridgefield Police Department, and I am proud to be associated with them. They are a primary reason why our Town is among the safest in the country. I want to ensure that our officers have the tools, resources and support they need to do the job.”

The police union, which is made up of patrol officers, sergeants, lieutenants, and captains, does not have a history of endorsing candidates for town boards.

However, Daly wrote that two candidates stood out in this year’s election.

“The police officers were first introduced to Issy Caporale in 2007 when she took on the demanding task of Police Dispatcher. Issy came to the police department from a decorated career in the United States Coast Guard,” Daly wrote in an endorsement letter. “During Issy’s time working at the police department, we knew that the person who is answering 911 calls and dispatching information to our officers was one that we could trust. Issy was dedicated to her position within the police department but would always go that extra mile. I can recall Issy asking about many of our families, she would show up to our outside functions and volunteer her time.”

Daly recalled how Caporale would volunteer her time at the Ridgefield Police Department’s annual Halloween function at the Lounsbury House.

“Issy’s retiring from with police department in 2018 left a void for many of us. Issy will stop in and talk with the officerts while delivering coffee and bagels,” he wrote. “To be a successful police department, you need to be well rounded and staying involved with the youth in their community and this is where I feel Issy is a great candidate for Police Commissioner.

“If you have a son or daughter that is involved with youth sports, you may recall seeing Issy officiating, Field Hockey, Lacrosse and Basketball or volunteering at the Ridgefield Boys and Girls Club,” he added. “Issy’s connection to youth activities alone make her an ideal candidate for Police Commission. We trust Issy and know she will have the best interest of our officers and to The Town of Ridgefield where she grew up and loves to this day.

“We ask our residents that we serve to vote and Issy Caporale for Police Commissioner.”