Ridgefield Physical Therapy celebrates 15 years of community-minded care

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Chuck Giordano vividly remembers the first day he opened Ridgefield Physical Therapy — filled with excitement and some nerves about the new business.

Fifteen years later, Ridgefield Physical Therapy’s continued goal is to help patients recover from surgery or the injury or physical condition that has led them to seek physical therapy.

“We specialize in treating outpatient orthopedic patients ranging in age from 5 to 105,” said Giordano, the owner/director. “Our team of physical therapists are highly trained and qualified in multiple specialties such as hand therapy, spine disorders, orthopedic and sports medicine, LSVT – Parkinson’s Therapy, vertigo and lymphedema. Patients can be confident in our level of expertise and experience.”

Giordano said one key to Ridgefield Physical Therapy’s longevity has been what he refers to as a triangle of success, working with the patient and their doctor. “We all need to be involved and motivated and on the same page,” he said.

Since its opening, Ridgefield Physical Therapy has focused on being an active part of the community.

“We take pride in sponsoring and providing services for many local events and organizations, including athletic training at Ridgefield High School, TriRidgefield, the Pamby Ridgefield Half Marathon, the RLAM 5K, and the Boys and Girls Club Turkey Trot,” Giordano said.

According to Giordano, each patient’s journey has been an important part of Ridgefield Physical Therapy’s 15 years.

“We want to say a big thank you to all patients, past and present, for allowing us to help them reach their rehabilitation goals,” he said.

Visit ridgefieldphysicaltherapy.com or call 203-438-1898 for more information.