Ridgefield Historical Society seeking donations for annual fund appeal

With its year-end annual fund appeal, the Ridgefield Historical Society is looking ahead to 2020 with plans for increasing community engagement through its programming as well as cooperation with other Ridgefield organizations. Tax-deductible donations may be made online at ridgefieldhistoricalsociety.org/donate, or by check to the Ridgefield Historical Society, 4 Sunset Lane, Ridgefield, CT 06877. Contributions support the historical society’s mission “to preserve, interpret, and foster public knowledge of Ridgefield’s historical, cultural, and architectural heritage.”

The coming year will bring events celebrating the ratification of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution, with exhibits and programs celebrating Ridgefield women’s efforts in the suffrage movement. The schedule will be announced in January.

The new year also will mark the beginning of a series of Sunday afternoon events at the Scott House, the historical society headquarters. Later in the year, monthly open houses at the Peter Parley Schoolhouse, which the historical society maintains, will resume. Battle of Ridgefield walking tours and field trips to sites of historical interest also will be offered.

Throughout the year, volunteers will be continuing the work of assessing and protecting materials that provide insights into Ridgefield’s past; the historical society collections are a resource for all and are searchable through an online database. All the materials that are added to the collections are stored in appropriate archival files in the Scott House’s climate-controlled vault.

The work of documenting Ridgefield’s storied past is a never-ending task and the Ridgefield Historical Society depends on its donors and its volunteers to keep up this important work.

For more information, visit ridgefieldhistoricalsociety.org and see the most recent annual report.