‘Where In The Woods?’ contest kicks off

Wildflowers at McKeon Farm.

Wildflowers at McKeon Farm.

Contributed photo

To encourage socailly distant fun and encourage use of the town’s open spaces, First Selectman Rudy Marconi and the Ridgefield Conservation Commission have collaborated to sponsor a safe outdoor activity for town residents to participate in.

Utilizing Ridgefield’s open spaces and trails, a family friendly and socially distant game has been created to encourage people to go outside and explore Ridgefield’s trails and spaces. Created by Conservation Commissioner Daniel C. Levine, the “safe scavenger hunt” is an opportunity for individuals and families to get out and hike!

The Conservation Commission has provided photos of 47 identifiable landmarks, structures and natural formations found on town open space trails — some thought to be easy to locate on a trail hike, some moderately easy to find, and some more challenging to locate. Each photo contains just one specific item or formation or landmark on a specific trail or open space.

A point system has been created, and each photo is worth a specific number of points (easy =1, medium = 2, difficult = 3).

Participants are challenged to search for the specific location of the item or formation or landmark (shown in each photo) and take a selfie of themselves or their family at the exact location shown in the photo — (clearly showing the object/formation featured in the photo).

The goal of the contest is to gather as many points as possible by visiting as many open spaces and collecting the photographs at the specific sites.

A total of 84 points is possible. Participants are asked to submit all of their photos by June 30. Those with the most points will win the contest.

Prizes will be given to those who obtain the highest number of points.

Some participants might be strategic, searching for the 3-point locations and thus collecting more points. Others might attempt to visit as many locations as possible. Either way, the contest is meant to be fun, safe, and family friendly.

Different from a traditional scavenger hunt, no objects will be touched or handled and participants are reminded to practice safe social distancing if encountering others on a trail.

Please only submit photos once when finished with the game.

The contest goes on until June 30. Send all of your photos in one email once finished playing.

The Ridgefield Walk Book may be used for detailed trail information. Completed photos should be sent to Ridgefieldrangers@gmail.com by June 30. Please only send one email with all photos.

The photos to be used (along with the point system) can be found and downloaded from the Conservation Commission website at this link: