Ridgefield’s count of deaths from COVID-19 was counted at 27 on Friday, April 24, reflecting what town authorities say are some changes in how deaths are tracked. The number of cases of COVID-19 in town was put at 147 shortly before 7 p.m. on Friday.

Also, First Selelctman Rudy Marconi is working to put togheter a town testing program for the coronavirus, and the golf course is planning a limited reopening on Monday.

Friday’s release from the town emergency managment office follows:

RIDGEFIELD, CT: April 24, 2020:

Here are today’s updates:

  Health Director Ed Briggs reports that the number of cumulative positive COVID-19 tests to date are 147 and sadly, the number of deaths is 27. This climb does not mean additional people have died in the last day. Instead the difference between today and yesterday’s numbers represents a different reporting method that is now being used. (Earlier deaths that were presumed but not confirmed to be from the virus are now being reported into the totals.) All but three of the deaths are associated with senior facilities in Ridgefield.

  The discrepancy between town and state numbers is because Ridgefield’s health director does a “deep dive,” making sure that the numbers reported are accurate. Some of the discrepancies might come from someone being reported twice, or from a person attributed to Ridgefield who doesn’t reside here. Ed Briggs weeds through every case and verifies that there are no redundancies or other inaccuracies and that all numbers reflect an accurate picture of Ridgefield residents who have tested positive.

Please note the following:

  The numbers reported daily are cumulative from day one when testing first began.

  The number of positive tests do not include our Ridgefield tally of lives lost.

  Those who have tested positive from day one but have recovered are not removed from the list.

  Only those with symptoms severe enough for their doctors to write prescriptions have been tested.

  The state and town numbers often disagree because our town health director does a “deep dive” to make sure there are no redundancies or other inaccurate statistics attributed to the town.

  In a collaborative effort with Danbury Hospital, First Selectman Rudy Marconi continues to work on town wide testing options and logistics. The public will be notified when testing is available.

  The Ridgefield Golf course will be open on Monday, April 27. Please go to: www.ridgefieldgc.com for details. Plan that you will only be able to play in twosomes, there will be no carts, and reservations are required.

Stay home, stay safe, stay healthy.