The Ridgefield Boys and Girls Club and Ridgefield Prevention Council are hosting a four-part series titled, “Candid Conversations: A Four-Part Series,” set to begin Wednesday, Dec. 11.

The first part of the series will focus on drug and alcohol addiction. There will be a dinner at the club at 7, followed by a discussion at 7:30.

“It’s not a lecture, it’s more of an interaction,” said Tim Hastings of the Prevention Council. “Our featured speakers will be in the audience meeting with kids before they take the stage. The goal is to show that we’re not all different. These are regular people, just like you and me. ... Addiction can happen to anybody.”

The second part of the series, which will be held in January, will focus on compassion. The final two parts of the series will be on smoking and vaping and relaxation methods and will held in February and March, respectively.

The Dec. 11 conversation will feature two speakers — one female and one male — who will tell the audience their story and host a question and answer session.

The series is being run by the Prevention Council and members of the club’s Keystone Club.

“No adults, just kids,” Hastings said. “We want kids to feel free to ask questions and sometimes parents inhibit that kind of interaction.”

There will also be a box set up for anonymous questions.

“We welcome any and all questions from the high school kids who attend,” Hastings said.