Ridgebury affordable project, North Salem Road subdivision head to Jan. 14 public hearings

A nine-unit affordable housing project proposed in Ridgebury and a four-lot resubdivision off North Salem Road are scheduled for public hearings before the Planning and Zoning Commission on Tuesday, Jan. 14, starting at 7:30.

The four-lot resubdivision is proposed by D.J. and Deborah Kadagian for 805 North Salem Road. There is currently one house on the 11-acre site.

The nine-unit multifamily development is proposed on a little over an acre off Barnum Place and Turner Road in Ridgebury’s corporate development zone. The application was submitted under the state’s 8-30g affordable housing law, which allows qualifying development plans to ignore most zoning regulations.

“There will be a grand total of nine residential units, three of which will be set aside as affordable…” wrote attorney Brian Smith of Robinson & Cole, representing the applicant, Black Oaks LLC.

“In keeping with the dictates of the state’s 8-30g statute, the three affordable units will include two deemed within reach of households at 60% of the state’s median income, and one unit affordable to a household at 80% of the state median income, Smith said.

The 8-30g law is applicable only in towns or cities that have less than 10% of their housing stock qualifying as affordable under state guidelines.

“The last report issued by the Connecticut Department of Housing in 2018 shows that Ridgefield’s percentage of affordable housing units stood at 2.96%,” the application notes.