Restaurant inspections: Red Rooster Pub, Bareburger cited for violations

Photo of Peter Yankowski

Sixteen Ridgefield eateries were cited for violations totaling five or more points during routine health inspections in June, July, and August. Violations ranged from raw meat thawing at room temperature to food stored on the floor.

None of the restaurants inspected so far this summer have received a failing grade of below 80.

Red Rooster Pub, located on Danbury Road across the street from Walgreens, was given the lowest score out of the restaurants inspected in the last three months. Red Rooster received an 83 out of a possible 100 on its health inspection report for food service establishments.

In Connecticut, kitchens must receive 80 points or more on their inspection to pass. A failed inspection means a food service provider will be inspected again within about two weeks. If restaurants fail again, the owners are usually fined and required to appear before the local health inspection division, where they discuss each infraction and establish a plan to address the issues. A third violation means the business is subject to closure, at the discretion of the director of health.

A restaurant can fail its inspection if it receives a four-point deduction for a single violation. Four-point violations include improper source of food, hazardous food temperatures, unwrapped food, improperly stored toxic items, improper hand-washing facilities, unsafe water source, improper sewage disposal, unacceptable plumbing, and inadequate toilet facilities.

The most common four-point violations are food temperature and hygiene issues. Inspectors test food temperatures to see if they fall within the bacteria “danger zone,” which is between 41 and 135 degrees Fahrenheit. Food in that range is more prone to bacterial growth.


Gene Gagnon, a town health inspector, cited Red Rooster with a dozen violations on Aug. 6. Those violations included food stored on the floor of the walk-in cooler, a cell phone kept at a food prep area, an uncleaned ice machine, and the “presence of flies throughout” — all two-point deductions.

The inspection also listed knives stored between equipment, dish racks left on the floor, and unlabeled food storage containers —all one-point deductions.

Staff at the Red Rooster could not be reached by phone Monday, Aug. 19.

Across the road

Bareburger, on the corner of Danbury Road and Grove Street, received an overall score of 89 after its Aug. 7 inspection.

Gagnon found cell phones in the food prep area, dish racks stored on the floor, a nonfunctioning light in the walk-in freezer (a one-point deduction), and a dirty soda gun (a two-point deduction).

The restaurant was also instructed to install a splash barrier between its hand-washing sink and ice bin at the bar (a two-point deduction) and to hang the mop to air dry (a one-point deduction). The inspector also noted that “small flies” were found around the soda gun and near a two-bay sink in the back (also a two-point deduction).

Andrei Paschenko, a manager at Bareburger, said the violations listed in the inspection were corrected within three days; including the splash barrier cited in the report.

Mannen and Yuan Asian

Mannen, the Japanese restaurant that sits near the Main Street and Danbury Road intersection, and Yuan Asian Cuisine, the restaurant on the corner of Main Street and Prospect Street, both received overall scores of 90 on their inspections.

Mannen was cited for uncovered soup containers, food stored on the floor, and a dirty slicer during a July 29 health inspection. The town official also found coolers that needed thermometers, unsanitized equipment, dirty walls and flooring that needed to be cleaned and repaired, according to the report.

Kung Wei, general manager at Mannen, said the citations in the health inspection have been dealt with. She said the restaurant has ordered a new cooler, and said the issue with the flooring was due to the building’s age and would be addressed at a later time.

At Yuan Asian Cuisine, the inspector found knives stored between equipment, employees who were not wearing hair restraints, and food and dish racks stored on the floor, during a July 17 inspection.

The kitchen was also cited by officials for allowing employees to drink from open cups, a dirty microwave, and dirty equipment.

The restaurant’s management staff could not be reached for comment.

The other 12 restaurants cited include: Dunkin Donuts (15 Ethan Allen Highway), with an overall score of 94; Dunkin Donuts (52 Danbury Road), 95; Dunkin Donuts (125 Danbury Road), 93; Eddie’s Pizza, 94; Genoa Deli and Pizza, 95; HooDoo Brown, 95; John’s Best, 93; Planet Pizza, 93; Ridgefield Prime, 95; Steve’s Bagels, 94; V Thai, 92; Venice, 94.

Every other restaurant in town scored above 95 on the most recent health inspection.

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