Remote tutoring supports students at home

When schools and businesses shuttered their doors, it became clear that education as we know it was about to change. Professionals have predicted an increase in online education in coming years, but our experience with COVID-19 has thrust the future upon us.

In a matter of days to weeks, students and instructors had to quickly learn how to utilize online platforms and alter educational experiences. This has been a challenging transition for many students who have found it difficult to switch to the new instructional format.

There is often a significant increase in reading and writing demands with less opportunity for personal interaction with teachers. Many parents have been thrown into a hybrid homeschooling situation without the time or necessary resources to help their children navigate this complex learning environment.

As the “summer slide” of lost skills has now been magnified into the “COVID Slide,” students will need a new type of support. At the Raymond Educational Center, we have been providing remote tutoring for over ten years and we have found that programs of individualized and small group learning ease the pressures experienced by parents, stop the “summer slide,” and increase overall reading, writing, and math skills.

Dr. Randy Raymond,

Raymond Pyschological Services