February is known as the month for love and our little black and white tuxedo has high hopes that this is the “purr-fect” time for her to find love with a family with a good heart.

Rayne loves spending time in the window watching cars and buses going by and is captivated by birds at the bird feeders.

She has a question and so do the volunteers who love her dearly. She saw her kittens being adopted and wonders when it will be her turn. The volunteers wonder why she is still at the shelter. She’s just 4+ years old , with big bright eyes, wonderful long white whiskers, and silky fur. Please don’t pass her by.

When she’s not in the window, Rayne loves a good rub and spending special times with her cat toys and human buddies. She is beautiful and smart and knows how to signal when she's had enough play time and needs to take a break.

Will you be her Valentine? She’d like to celebrate in her new home with her new family. If you bring the treats, she’ll be your QT Pie.

Rayne is up to date with necessary vaccinations, and has been spayed and microchipped.

The Roar-Donofrio Family Animal Shelter is located at 45 South St. and open from Thursday through Monday. Visit our website, www.roar-ridgefield.org to learn about open hours, adoptable cats and dogs, and volunteer opportunities.