Raymond Educational Center provides homeschool programs

As schools prepare to reopen, a growing number of parents are questioning the ability of schools to meet the educational and safety challenges presented by COVID-19. Some infectious disease experts are suggesting that we should be prepared for school to return to an online format for at least part of the year.

In response to the possibility of another interruption this year, many parents are searching for alternatives and are increasingly drawn to the idea of homeschooling, which some are now referring to as “safe schooling” during the pandemic.

At the Raymond Educational Center, we have been providing homeschool programs for over 20 years and have seen the many benefits of home instruction. Remote classes are designed to be user friendly and are presented through both live and recorded lessons. The increased flexibility allows parents and instructors to individualize lessons, encourage academic curiosity, and remediate or enrich academic skills.

Through remote learning, students improve their ability to manage their time and work independently. Many homeschool parents have related that their only regret was that they did not start homeschooling earlier.