RVNAhealth receives grant from Workers' Compensation Trust

The holidays are past, but the season of giving continued this January at RVNAhealth, thanks to an $11,000 grant from the Workers’ Compensation Trust. The bountiful gift included a generous supply of inclement weather gear; ergonomically-correct workstation devices; and patient slide sheets for the safe transitioning of patients in their homes.

The end goal — and result — of the grant is to provide equipment and items that promote a safer workplace — both inside the RVNAhealth building and in the field — and reduce stress and strain for employees performing work-related tasks.

The inclement weather gear purchased through the grant includes walk traction cleats, high-powered LED lights (flashlights) and jugs of Ice Melt, to help nurses, therapists, and home health aides safely navigate to and from patients’ homes in the dark, cold, and slipperiness of winter. The workstation equipment includes wireless keyboards for use with tablets when relaying information and data from the field, as well as standing desks and phone headsets to support RVNAhealth office staff. And the Patient Slide Sheets help RVNAhealth patient teams safely maneuver and transfer patients while reducing the risk of caregiver strain or injury.

“Falling en route to see a patient, or straining one’s back during patient care, doesn’t help anybody,” said John Apinis, director of nursing practice at RVNAhealth. “The items provided by the Worker’s Compensation Fund grant give us confidence, security and safety while doing what we do best — taking care of others.”