RVNAhealth Today — Stretch out the Kinks

While many professionals and students have returned to offices and classrooms — at least part-time — many still find themselves perched precariously on all manners of imperfect desks and workstations, or simply spending too much time in one position.

This October, we asked our RVNAhealth physical therapy team for easy stretches to help us right our posture and work out the kinks of our daily toil.

They advised 4 simple stretches — some done with an exercise band — that work wonders. All the stretches may be found on RVNAhealth.org. Two follow here. If you don’t have an exercise band, stop by the RVNAhealth Rehabilitation & Wellness Center this October to receive one, along with exercise cards for these stretches. Our treat to celebrate Physical Therapy month!

Horizontal Abduction: Grasp the ends of your exercise band and hold in front of you at shoulder height. Pull outward to your sides, keeping elbows unbent and pinching shoulder blades together. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat (2 sets of 10), slowly returning the band to its original position.

Doorway Stretch: Stand in an open doorway. Raise both arms up to your sides with elbows bent at 90-degree angles and palms facing forward and resting on the door frame. Slowly step forward with one foot. Feel the stretch in your shoulders and chest. Stand upright but do not lean forward. Hold for 30 seconds, step back, and relax. Repeat.

It feels good, doesn’t it?! Learn more at RVNAhealth.org or call 203-438-7862 with questions.