November is Hospice and Palliative Care month. And RVNAhealth is going to recognize this special designation in the same exact way that we do every single day, every week, every month, every hour of the year — by wrapping ourselves around our hospice patients and families to help them through what may well be the most difficult time of their lives.

We are going to do this through our incredible hospice team — MDs, RNs, social workers, spiritual coordinators, music therapists, physical therapists, volunteers — and through our other service teams who support them. A united team with a single mission: to bring comfort, joy, peace. A multi-disciplinary group with a fierce and loving single-mindedness.

This month, RVNAhealth is also going to continue our campaign to help the world at large understand hospice better. Hospice is a word that is often spoken in hushed tones. It’s a concept that is often misunderstood. But hospice — well delivered — is one of the most beautiful ways that anyone can possibly spend their last known months of life. We invite you to learn more at; to read our hospice essays and blog posts, stories and testimonials; to stop by and ask questions, to volunteer and contribute.

It will add new and special meaning to your life.

Theresa Santoro