In accordance with American Academy of Pediatrics’ recommendations for regular well-child appointments for all children, RVNA offers Well Child Clinics every August for young people from birth to age 18. The clinics are open to all, but are especially intended for families who do not have health insurance, or whose insurance does not cover annual physicals and immunizations.

RVNA Well Child visits include vision and hearing tests; height and weight measurements; anemia screening; blood pressure; a doctor examination, as well as required vaccines or immunizations that are due.

The clinics are available through the assistance of grants received from The Barker Welfare Foundation and the Ridgefield Fresh Air Fund and through the generosity of local clinicians who share their time and expertise.

RVNA’s 2019 Well Child Clinics will take place on Wednesday, Aug. 7, with Patrick Killeen, P.A. of Ridgefield Pediatrics; Aug. 14, with Jay D’Orso, M.D. of Western Connecticut Medical Group; and on Aug. 21, with Anil Britto, M.D. of Ridgefield Pediatrics. The clinics are held onsite at RVNA at 27 Governor Street in Ridgefield from 6 to 8 p.m.

“Our annual Well-Child clinics are at the core of RVNA’s mission,” said Theresa Santoro, president & CEO. “We are very grateful to our donors and of our participating clinicians for their vision and generosity in partnering with RVNA to offer the highest quality health care to our pediatric community.”

Annual physicals with pediatricians are vital for keeping young people at their healthiest by monitoring growth and development; preventing diseases through immunizations; providing an opportunity to discuss concerns that may have arisen since the last visit; and by forming a healthy partnership between patient, parent and doctor.

To learn more or schedule a Well Child appointment, please call 203-438-5555, ext. 1119, email Katelyn Wise at, or visit The fee for a Well Child physical including all required immunizations is $50. Financial assistance is available, further lowering these costs.

Theresa Santoro