According to a published ASPCA study, most dogs are surrendered to shelters or pounds when they’re aged between five months and two years. This corresponds with the “teen puppy” stage.

Buckie, whose name as defined by the Free Dictionary as “a lively youngster,” is a 10-month-old Hound mix from Florida who found his way to our shelter. We at ROAR agree that Buckie is sailing through adolescence quite nicely.

Buckie loves to play games like fetch and agility which help keep him focused, is great on a leash and likes to snuggle up with humans. He is dog-friendly. Like most puppies, Buckie craves routine and predictability to make him feel safe and secure.

Not all puppies become difficult during this adolescent puppy stage. Some sail through it with barely ruffled fur. With continued stability, discipline and love, Buckie will grow into a well-behaved, confident and friendly dog who is a pleasure to be around.

Come meet Buckie at the ROAR Donofrio Family Animal Shelter located at 45 South Street or go to He is neutered, micro-chipped and up-to-date on vaccinations. His adoption fee is $400.