ROAR joins CT, NY shelters to save more animals

Ridgefield Operation for Animal Rescue (ROAR) is collaborating with local animal shelters across Southern Connecticut and New York in a newly formed coalition to support each other’s work and save the lives of more animals.

In addition to Ridgefield Operation for Animal Rescue (ROAR) of Ridgefield, CT, the coalition consists of DAWS of Danbury, CT; PAWS of Norwalk, CT; Connecticut Humane Society of Westport, CT; Adopt-A-Dog of Armonk, N.Y.; and Paws Crossed of Elmsford, N.Y.

Animal shelters are tasked with saving precious lives and breaking the cycle of pet overpopulation. The goal of the coalition is to share the expertise, experience, and knowledge of each animal shelter with each other, so they are better equipped at giving all animals a second chance at finding loving homes. The coalition will enable participating shelters to look at things from a different perspective.

“The shelter community is a very supportive group who share the same goal of successfully helping adoptive cats and dogs find their forever homes,” said Kerry Dobson, Executive Director for ROAR. “We are thrilled to be participating in the coalition with other animal rescue organizations and shelters in Connecticut and New York to share and learn about best practices and information on programs and initiatives so we can rescue, care for and adopt out more homeless animals.”

The coalition began as a result of Ellen Simmonds, the Executive Director of PAWS, reaching out to each shelter with the idea that we all get together to share ideas, challenges and resources to increase our life-saving efforts. The shelters meet regularly to discuss current challenges in animal welfare.

The coalition pulls animals from local animal control, other shelters and helps people in the community who are no longer able to care for their dogs and cats. This provides these animals with social/emotional/medical/behavioral care and love which transforms them into amazing, loving family pets.