Prospector celebrates 333,333 tickets sold

Selling 333,333 movie tickets in less than three years is no easy feat.

That’s why employees at the Prospector Theater celebrated with a round of cheers and confetti when customer Mark Breckenridge purchased his ticket to see Dunkirk last Friday, July 28.

“I definitely wasn’t expecting this,” said Breckenridge, a loyal Prospector moviegoer who was also gifted an extra large bucket of popcorn as part of the momentous occasion.

“I just wanted to watch Dunkirk but this is a fun surprise,” he told The Press.

The non-profit theater, dedicated to providing employment opportunities for adults with disabilities, opened in November 2014, and continues to grow its customer — and employee — base.

“I was a customer here for about two years and I just fell in love with the place,” said Ben, a Prospect who works in the cafe. “I was coming up from a very challenging year in means of employment and then they took me under their wing and nursed me back to health.”

Sofia Rodriguez