Precious felines, Gabe and Lucy need a loving home

Gabe and Lucy have only known one home in their entire lives. For 7 years their compassionate mom provided them with the best home two cats could possibly have. They were dearly loved and life couldn’t have been better...until their wonderful world dramatically changed. A short while ago their dear mom died from cancer due to the atmospheric conditions after 9/11 in NYC.

You couldn’t find 2 sweeter and loving cats! Gabe is a handsome, stocky, deep brown tabby and a big love. Little Lucy is a sweetheart, with silky black and white fur and an expressive little face.

In spite of the upheaval in their lives, they are the most delightful and friendly cats, with super charming personalities.

Although Gabe is 8 and Lucy is 7, neither look their ages. They are healthy, current with vaccinations, and have been spayed/neutered.

The volunteers at ROAR have opened up their hearts to Gabe and Lucy and each day are seeing changes — from 2 nervous felines to furry lovebugs who are starting to feel comfortable in a whole new world.

Gabe and Lucy need to feel the comfort and warmth of a home again...soon. Ideally they would continue to live together, but may be adopted separately.

Visit the ROAR-Donofrio Family Animal Shelter’s website,, to learn about open hours, cat/dog adoptions, and volunteer opportunities.