On this day in Ridgefield history: July 22

The Ridgefield fountain after the 2000 or 2001 restoration

The Ridgefield fountain after the 2000 or 2001 restoration

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The following are a list of events that took place in Ridgefield over the last four centuries on July 22:

 July 22, 1856 - Ridgefield native S.G. Goodrich - “Peter Parley” - stays overnight at Resseguie’s Hotel [the Keeler Tavern]. His two-volume autobiography, Recollections of A Lifetime, is published this year.

 July 22, 1899 - The Adams and Keeler barn and stable on Wilton Road East is badly damaged by fire early that morning. The same night, the home of Dr. H. B. Savage burns to the ground. Firemen’s efforts to save the building are frustrated by a lack of water.

 July 22, 1929 - The Corner Store, a fixture at the intersection of Main Street and West Lane for more than a century, is torn down and the space made into a lawn on the Herbert Spencer Greims property. The building and a predecessor had been a general store operated by such personages as E. H. Smith, Judge George G. Knapp, and S.D. Keeler, as well as a shirt factory owned by D. Smith Sholes

 July 22, 1936 - Eleven Ridgefield women create the Ridgefield Boys Club.

 July 22, 2001 - The first item of business at a meeting between President George W. Bush and Russian President Vladimir Putin is “the Jack Tobin case,” reports Congressman Jim Maloney.

 July 22, 2005 - Jerry Marcus, a longtime Ridgefielder and nationally syndicated Trudy cartoonist whose work appeared frequently in The Ridgefield Press for four decades, dies at 81.

The following excerpts can be found at “A Ridgefield Timeline” on RidgefieldHistory.com.

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