The following are a list of events that took place in Ridgefield over the last four centuries on August 2:

Aug. 2, 1749 - Caezer, slave of David Scott 2nd, dies.

Aug. 2, 1833 - A child of Gould St. John is drowned. She is two years old.

Aug. 2, 1864 - Corporal George Gilbert dies. He had been wounded July 20 at Peach Tree Creek, Ga.

Aug. 2, 1868 - The Rev. Samuel F. Jarvis becomes rector at St. Stephen’s Church, serving five years.

Aug. 2, 1985 - Msgr. James J. McLaughlin, pastor of St. Mary’s Parish from 1956 to 1968, dies at 72.

Aug. 2, 2004 - ROAR - Ridgefield Operation for Animal Rescue - breaks ground on its new dog and cat shelter on South Street.

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