On this day in Ridgefield history: August 13

The Ridgefield fountain after the 2000 or 2001 restoration

The Ridgefield fountain after the 2000 or 2001 restoration

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The following are a list of events that took place in Ridgefield over the last four centuries on August 13:

Aug. 13, 1777 - The General Assembly in Hartford gives Capt. Ebenezer Coe of Stratford 60 pounds in compensation for “a wound by a ball shot by the enemy” in the Battle of Ridgefield that “destroyed his right eye.”

Aug. 13, 1839 - General Joshua King dies at the age of 81. A Revolutionary War veteran who had guarded Major John Andre and escorted him to the gallows, King has been a leading Ridgefield citizen and businessmen for decades.

Aug. 13, 1888 - To raise money to provide a house for the parish priest, St. Mary’s has its first “fair,” which begins today and lasts evenings through the week. The event includes a raffle of a $20 gold piece, a sewing machine, and an engagement ring.

Aug. 13 1964 — 700 people petition for a firehouse in Ridgebury.

Aug. 13, 2002 - More than 5,000 Ridgefield customers lose electricity in a 90-plus-degree heat wave as demand for power causes a primary line on Grove Street to break.

Aug. 13, 2008 - The Board of Selectmen declines to change the name of Pump Lane to Somerset Place.

The following excerpts can be found at “A Ridgefield Timeline” on RidgefieldHistory.com.

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