Nod Hill Brewery to supply beers for ‘Crafts N’ Drafts’

Nod Hill Brewery, founded in Ridgefield a mere two years ago, has become a popular destination for regional beer aficionados. It's earned a reputation as a leader on the edge of New England beer craft, and as a place to enjoy both the fresh brew and the company of family and friends.

Nod Hill will be the craft beer at the Housatonic Habitat for Humanity “Crafts N’ Drafts” fundraising event which will be held at the Danbury Elks Lodge at 36 Hollow Rd., on Saturday, September 21 from 6 to 9 p.m.

Admission is $35. Register at:

World travelers

It’s fair to note that traveling the world stopping and sipping … it's easy to learn about a monk who brewed beer in Salzburg, or another brewer who mixed cask ale in a London pub.

That's what the father-son team did before opening Nod Hill! Nod Hill co-founders Dave and Rob Kaye were inspired to create a venue that reflected their love of beer and the magical experiences they had with friends and family in those special places. Today the Kayes serve their unique brews in a cozy rustic style taproom … a community meeting place for friends, family and neighbors to relax and enjoy a glass. Their staff are all Cicerone-certified beer servers … they’ll help you pick your personal brew while listening to music.

The Crafts N’ Drafts event will feature the Kayes’ local brew from Nod Hill.

DesignDot will have an interactive display that will allow you to design and define your space. Other local artisans include a puppeteer, wood turner, and Ukrainian egg decorator and others who will share their expertise. Come for the experience, enjoy the brew, and the view from the lodge's back deck. Support our cause ... building Habitat homes for local families!

To learn more about Housatonic Habitat visit us at: or