New season of ‘Veronica Mars’ explodes on screen

Welcome back to Neptune, “Veronica Mars” fans! The new season brings audiences back to the perils and drama of the beachy California town.

For those who don’t know or remember (it’s been over a decade since the show debuted, folks) Veronica is a fallen popular girl who became an outcast after her best friend Lily Kane was murdered. She starts working at her father’s P.I. business and tries to solve what happened to her best friend. The teen detective noir series followed Veronica through her later high school and early college years.

“Veronica Mars” has a pretty devoted fanbase, the series originally ran for three seasons, from 2004 to 2007 before it went off the air. After fans circulated a petition calling for more Mars, in 2014 Rob Thomas, the series creator, released the feature film “Veronica Mars,” which showed us a more mature Veronica dragged back to Neptune to solve a murder and attend her high school reunion. Hulu recently released the fourth season of “Veronica Mars” (as well as the first three seasons for those looking for a rewatch) and it certainly opened up with a bang. Literally.

In the new season, Veronica is a P.I. working with her father at Mars Investigations when a series of bombs begin to plague the bacchanalian boardwalk during spring break. While the father-daughter team work on the case, fans of the original series will be delighted to see the return of many members from the earlier cast.

Jason Dohring, as Veronica’s constant love interest Logan Echolls, is in the series giving viewers a fresh side of Logan, which causes some friction in the series. Kristen Bell, of course, continues to effortlessly serve up her iconic Veronica sarcasm and biting charm. Enrico Colantoni gives Keith Mars a softer edge in the new season as Mars fans learn about the effects the earlier car accident had on him.

While the series certainly provides many of its hallmark twists and plenty of dark content, the finale will leave fans wondering whether or not they actually want a fifth season of Veronica’s snooping antics.

“Veronica Mars” has four seasons available on Hulu. Viewers might also enjoy the gritty life of “Jessica Jones” another snarky P.I. who can be found on Netflix. Those looking for a series that relies on less sarcasm might enjoy “You,” a series about a man stalking a woman that is also available on Netflix.