Three new house lots have been proposed off North Salem Road out past Ridgefield High School.

Plans for a four-lot resubdivision of a little more than 11 acres at 805 North Salem Road were accepted by the Planning and Zoning Commission and scheduled for a public on Tuesday, Dec. 10.

The applicant is Ashlar Historic Renovation LLC and the homeowners of the property are Dikran Janus “DJ” Kadajian and Deborah Kadajian.

Attorney Robert Jewell is the authorized agent on the application.

In addition to the Dec. 10 hearing, the commission scheduled a Dec. 8 site walk of the property.

When the commission was discussing the application at its Nov. 12 hearing — setting up the hearing date — one member asked what “resubdivision” meant.

Commission Chairwoman Rebecca Muchetti said it was simply a subdivision of property that had previously been subdivided.